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Step Beyond Green to Healthy main purpose is to educate, advocate, and collaborate for healthier indoor environments, where individuals and families can live, work and play comfortably, productively and safely.


Step Beyond Green to Healthy is the leading resource in creating healthier living environments.  


The Step Beyond Green To Healthy initiative was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Synovic. It was built inside of his company Source 1 Project Solutions, Inc which was, at the time, was a full service Design/Build firm. His vision included working closely with his clients to incorporate their ideas and goals into every phase of the project. During discussions with clients, the topic of health concerns and chemical sensitivities was reoccurring. This prompted the Step Beyond Green To Healthy initiative to look into the composition of building materials and processes. His team discovered that many of the building products used today give off chemicals that make the air quality in people's homes unhealthy. Studies indicate that the unhealthy homes are making adults, kids, and elderly individuals ill and causing a myriad of medical conditions to occur.

They also discovered that "green" and eco-friendly materials and products sometimes did not equate to "healthy". Using Synovic's design and building experience coupled with years of research from outside companies, they now incorporate healthy materials, products and processes into their company culture and the design and build process.

Today, Step beyond Green to Healthy has out grown just one company and is now certifying builders, remodelers, trade contractors and manufacturers. Today our clients are demanding better environments  to live and work in. The Step Beyond Green to Healthy certification program allows consumers to know when they select one of our team members or products they are creating that healthier environment.


Your health and building needs are our priority. The Step Beyond Green Team believes in educating clients about healthy building options available, incorporating client life style needs, thinking through the project using a detailed systematic method, and communicating clearly and efficiently.


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